Just a fun place to get autographed copies of Mark's books!

Mark’s Books

coversAllSure, you could purchase all of Mark Arnold’s books through his publishers, as well as many on-line booksellers.

Mark self-published The Best of The Harveyville Fun Times (2006) and Mark Arnold Picks on The Beatles (2011) through Lulu.com.

From BearManor Media come If You’re Cracked, You’re Happy (2011), Volumes 1 and 2, Created and Produced by Total TeleVision Productions (2009), Frozen in Ice: Walt Disney Productions 1966-1985 (2013), and Think Pink! The DePatie-Freleng Story (2015.

But if you want Mark’s autograph – personalized to you! – on the flyleaf of his works, you have come to the right place!

Click on any of the links in the menu on the right, and you’ll be taken to the page for that book, where you may order an autographed copy through PayPal.

Shipping for each book is just $6 for Priority mail.

Happy reading!



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